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I'm a big fan of Keto and Low Carb Businesses that make this way of eating easier to maintain. Because of this, I've partnered with several companies to offer their goods to you! 

Check the list below...some companies let me offer a discount code to my readers!

Full Disclosure (if you purchase any of these items through the links below, I will receive a small percentage of the order at no additional cost to you).

Keto Chow Use Code HEYKETOMAMA for 10% off!

A nutritionally complete shake you just blend water, cream and oil. Tons of flavors, absolutely delicious. I’m certain this played a big role in losing my first 20 pounds because it’s so convenient, gave me awesome energy and really helped me get my eating habits under control.

Perfect Keto Use Code HEYKETOMAMA for 15% off!

There are so many "keto-helpers" out there from MCT Oil to Collagen to Exogenous Ketones. I exclusively promote Perfect Keto because I believe they're a quality company with quality products, and they really know their stuff. They are not an MLM, and they continue to come out with useful and innovative products that can help you on your Keto journey.

Keto In Five Cookbooks by Tasteaholics

These cookbooks offer easy and delicious recipes with up to 5 net carbs, 5 ingredients and 5 steps per recipe. They're offered by Rami and Vicky from Tasteaholics, a top ketogenic food blog.

Keto in Five

Butcher Box Use this link for $10 Off

Butcher Box is another delicious subscription service. These guys only source fresh, organic, grass-fed, delicious meats and send them right to your doorstep. My first Box kind of turned me into a grass-fed snob, so buyer beware 🙂

Good Dee's Low Carb Mixes Use Code: KETOMAMA15 for 15% Off!

These are my favorite keto-friendly baking mixes. Most treats are 1 net carb per serving, and the ingredients are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and staying on track.

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